Ready To Assist You

Advisor to:
Chairmen, Presidents, Boards of Directors
and Senior Executives


International Sales opportunities abound - help set priorities.

Unparalleled understanding of international markets to assist you.

Advice on government relations.

Strategic planning to guarantee international success.


Other Services:

  • Marketing of non-U.S. produced goods and services in third countries.
  • Assessment of marketing, advertising and promotion programs.
  • Selection and assessment of advertising agencies.
  • Selection and assessment of public relations programs/agencies.
  • Temporary top management - interim CEO for short term assignments.
  • Special project assistance.
  • Expert witness testimony.
  • Seminars, speeches, conferences.
  • Third party arbitration/mediation.
  • Leadership development.
  • Help in obtaining government assistance.
  • Evaluate performance of sales force/brokers.
  • Evaluate distribution systems.
  • Serve on Board of Directors/Advisory Board.